About us

ADM is a modern producer in Dutch industry. Since 1955, the proud family business has been designing a typically Dutch top-quality product – the window vending machine.

We may have started as a provider of retail solutions for widely ranging consumables and food products, but these days we are mainly known for our hot snack vending machines. Our machines are used for selling typical Dutch hot and cold snacks, filled rolls, beverages and complete meals.

ADM vending machines are everywhere

ADM window vending machines can be found in many locations in the Netherlands and in various other cities around the world, including in Spain and Brazil. In the Netherlands, our systems are also known as croquette or sausage wall vending machines. They are used in snack bars, company canteens, service stations and super markets. Since 1990, ADM has invested in making modern snack vending machines that incorporate improved, uniform heating, electronic control and optimal hygiene, and top-quality materials and that are easy to handle.

Our latest innovations are the Move and the Time and Temperature Control systems, which optimise the quality of the products offered for sale. Options for sending data on a daily basis to a server via our patented system to facilitate easy monitoring of turnover and usage are also new

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Enthusiastic team

The company is run by the Klinkers family and, alongside the office staff, it employs various technicians who are responsible for production installation and maintenance. They form a closely-knit team and ensure that ADM always delivers on its promise: vending machine temptation at your location. For a quick meal or tasty snack.

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