The best quality control, with our Time & Temperature Control System (T.C.S.)

The latest innovation of ADM is the advanced T.C.S. You can check the status of the products in the sales compartments with the red en green led lights.

The system has many interesting advantages for everyone who wants to sell hot or cold snacks:

  • You can monitor the time the product stays in the sales compartment
  • The system records the exposure time of the products in each box individually, including Move function
  • The system prevents temperature differences between the different sales compartments
Time Control System logo

How does T.C.S. works?

The System Works with LED lights beside each box. The control has 3 phases:
Phase 1: The led turns green when you place a product inside the sales compartment. The introduced maximum TCS time starts counting down.
Phase 2: The LED light turns red when entering the standby time
Phase 3: The red LED light flashes to advice the freshness time has been passed.

It is possible to move the product to another sales compartment and move along the “TCS time” to the other box.

Time Control System