Treat yourself to a delicious snack before or after a visit to the supermarket; more and more supermarket customers are discovering ADM hot snack vending machines. The same applies for supermarket chains that have a large number of ADM stainless steel mobile snack counters. Plus, Albert Heijn and Coop supermarkets are all seeing their sales increasing quickly and with minimum effort. 

ADM manufactures vending machines that are fitted with the very latest electronics and the highest level of user convenience. With the development of the advanced Time & Temperature Control and Move system, ADM has also set the new standard for maximum product-quality control. 

See opposite for more information about the level of sales an ADM vending machine could generate for your supermarket. Based on the average sales figures of existing clients who have had our snack counters for some time, average sales of 25 snacks a day are very realistic. 

Based on average sales of 25 snacks a day, the cost of an ADM Excellent+ stainlesssteel snack counter equipped with a contactless payment system could be recouped in just nine months.